IEMA Collection: Building a Legacy in the IE


The Collection of the Inland Empire Museum of Art represents some of the most prominent artists in the Inland Empire, California and beyond from the 1920’s to the present. Due to the generosity of the artists and individuals and their belief in the Inland Empire Museum of Art the collection is growing.

When giving to the arts, you are preserving the essence of civilization both for today and for years to come. It is thrilling to know that a gift to the arts will be shared by people in a future we can’t even imagine. Art is part of who we are and also helps to define who we are. The gift of artwork to a museum turns the act of collecting into a collection bringing joy to the viewer, creating value for the museum and developing a legacy to serve the community for years to come.


Collection Slide-Show


Collection Artists


Ruben Acosta – sculptor
Hanna Adler – painter
Bill Anderson – painter
Raúl Anguiano – painter
iLia Anossov - Fresco
Kye Abshier

Sioux Bally-Maloof – printmaker
Eduard Bargheer – painter
Mandi Batalo – photographer
Barbara Beretich – sculptor
Ron Blanchard – digital
Celeste Blair – painter
Irving Block – painter
Nick Brown – painter
Reynold Brown - painter
Fatemeh Burnes – photographer

Nancy Caldwell – painter
Maria Del Carmen Calvo – painter
Michael Carenen – photographer
Nancy Carenen – photographer
Zuniga Cervantes – painter
Elizabeth Carr – painter
William Catling – sculptor
Kate Choi – painter
Victor Ciobanu – painter
Leslie Codina - clay
Grace Comisso – painter
Gary Coninotto - potter
Edward Curtis – photographer

Kevin Davidson – painter
Jack Delano – photographer
Marina Diaz – painter
Dan Dickman – painter
Dani Dodge – painter
Mark Dodge Medlin – photographer
Dorothy Sweet Downing – painter
Karen Duckles – painter
Cynthia Dunlap – sculptor
Victor M. Durazo – painter

Gina Lawson-Egan – sculptor
Dan Elliot – sculptor
Walker Evans – photographer

Josef Farhi – painter
Matt Farris – photographer
Dace Felton – drawing
Sumi Foley – fabric
Betty Davenport Ford – sculptor
JoAnn Formia – painter
Mark Frederickson – painter
Will Funk – photographer

Linda Garcia-Dahle – painter
Robert George – painter
Greg Gilbert – painter
Monica Gomezchico – painter
Carl Gutierrez – drawing

Bruce Hall – photographer
Dennis Hare – painter
O.K. Harry – painter
Woody Hansen – painter
Fred Hartson – digital
Helen Hayes – painter
Patter Hellstrom – painter
Angela Hernandez – painter
Betty Hock – painter


Hoffmann – painter
Tommy Hollenstein – painter

Michi Ikeda – painter
Susan Ilsley – photographer

Marcel Jacque - Etchings
Ken Johnson – painter
Jill Jones – painter
Dan Joyce – painter
Nina Jun – sculptor

Kirk Kain – painter
Karen Kauffman – painter
Jacki Knell – painter
Maxine Kenny – painter
Frank Soekmin Kim – painter
Keith Klingonsmith – painter
Veronica Kortz – painter
Emil Kosa Jr – painter
Peter Krohn – painter

BJ Lane – painter
Dorothea Lange – photographer
Ray Lansing - wood
Hyun-Sook Lee – photographer
Russell Lee – photographer
Kami Leonard – painter
Jens Lerback – painter
Richard G. Lowe – painter
Veronica Lucas – print maker

James Mack – painter
Andree Mahoney – painter
Jerome Mahoney – sculptor
Elizabeth Manygoats - clay
Mary Ellen Mark – photographer
Marciano Martinez – painter
Paul Martinez – drawing
Richard Martinez – painter
Sylvia Megerdichian – painter
Joanna Mersereau – painter
Clark Mitchell – painter
Tina Modotti – photographer
Sylvia Moonier – painter
Donna Morin – painter & printmaker
Jim Morphesis – painter
Pete Morris – painter
Kevin Mount – painter
Peter Mountford – painter

Jin Nan – painter
Jonathan Natewa – carved stone
Karlis Neilis – painter
Bob Nash – drawing
Beaumont Newhall – photographer
R. Mike Nichols – painter
Ryan Noble – painter & clay

Oaxacan Mexican Folk Art
Vartan Ohanian – painter
Don O'Neill – painter
Gerald Owens – painter

Phil Paradise – painter
James Patrick – painter
Snezana  Saraswati  Petrovic
Luz Perez
– painter
Kara Pilcher – painter
Dennis Pioche – carved wood
Joan Purcell – print maker


Roland Reiss – painter
Robert Rivera
Ron Rivera
Arthur Rothstein – photographer
Damian Ross – ceramics
Susan E. Routledge – painter
Arnaldo B. Rubio – painter

Steve Santmyer – painter
Gene Sasse – photographer
Eileen Senner – painter
Al Setton – painter
John Sexton – photographer
Maris Sherwood – painter
Bud Shackelford – painter
Ken  Sheffer – painter
Millard Sheets – painter
Gail Corbett Sherman – painter
Mary H. Sievers – painter
Terri Sokoloff - glass
Loa Sprung – painter
Bert Stern – photographer
James Stewart – glass
Roy Stryker – photographer

Carrie Todd – painter
Nancy Torbitt-Stewart – painter

Stedman Upham – painter

Lucien van Oosten – drawing
John Vachon – photographer
Chris Van Winkle – painter

Durre Waseem – painter
Samantha Wendell – painter
Karen Werner – painter
Cole Weston – photographer
Dody Weston-Thompson – photographer
Edward Weston – photographer
Denise Kufus Weyhrich
Maureen M. Wheeler – painter
Christine Egg White – painter
Larry White – sculptor
Lugene A. Whitley – painter
Duke Windsor – painter
Andy Wing – painter
Christine Wiseman – painter
Marion Post Wolcott – photographer
Patricia Woodhull – collage
Jan Wright – painter
Joan Wynn – sculptor

Derrick Yazzie – photographer
Phil Yeh – painter
Matt Yellowman – carved wood

Jack Zajac
Maimie Zee – painter
Milford Zornes – painter


Young Eyes Gallery

Native American Collection