The Gallery exhibits are held at theat IEMA's temporary gallery at
1334 North Benson Avenue, Unit D | Upland, CA 91786

By Appointment  - 909-941-3993


3rd Saturday of the month from 6-8 PM



  May 19th - Joe Oakes - Talk & Demo  




Joanna Mersereau: an artist in review | May 6th - Jun 17th


Opening Reception: May 6th 2-5pm


Online Exhibits


    Curator: Gene Sasse

“Painting is a way of playing mental hide and seek.
I paint solids transparent to show interconnections.
All is fun, all is play.”

With a strong pallet of vibrant colors, Joanna Mersereau gives us a glimpse of her world through her art. With an eye for design and form that comes from a background incorporating a love for architectural design as well as a passion to create beauty, she “paints what she sees” and wants to share her world with others.

Distinct Perspectives exhibit | by: Cassandra Caldwell

    1st Street Gallery | Jul 1st - Aug  19th
Epitapha: what dreams may come... exhibit
  Opening Reception: Jul 1st 2-5pm
    Curator:  Rebecca Hamn  


Indigenous | Sept 2nd – Oct 21st

    Opening Reception Sept 2nd  2-5pm
Faces: Portraits from the Collection exhibit

Past Exhibits

    Painter - Eric Tippeconnic & Photographer - Derrick Yazzie
Curator: Gene Sasse

This exhibit is about capturing a moment to serve as a metaphor for the viewer which boldly states that Indigenous American cultures while intimately connected to their history are in fact contemporary, alive, and constantly evolving.


    Visions of Elysium  | Nov 10th – Dec 23rd

Opening Reception Nov 10th 2-5pm

Events @ a Glance
  Curator:  Jim Morphesis

“Visions of Elysium”, refers to the Elysian Fields, a place of peace and beauty which the ancient Greeks believed was the reward for living a good life.

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