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Sept 16th - Panel discussion


Faces: Portraits from the Collection  | July 29th - August 27th



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Distinct Perspectives exhibit | by: Cassandra Caldwell

Faces: Portraits from the Collection is a selection of portraits of 43 artists from our collection. The artists include artists such as: Milford Zornes, Edward Weston, Phil Paradise, Bruce Hall, Dody Weston Thompson, Samantha Wendell and Sylvia Megerdichain.

We see so many people in a day.  Faces in public, at home, at work, in our social life.  Why would a person attend an exhibit entitled Faces: Portraits from the Collection? More importantly, why would a person even create portraits? The big answer to both questions is that we are human. As humans, we are compelled to create, explore, and interpret. 

Our expression is only limited by our imagination, materials, and technology.  And people are the likely subjects of our creative attention. The portraits in Faces: Portraits from the  Collection are wonderful examples of the many ways humans have interpreted humans.

Epitapha: what dreams may come... exhibit

Line: five different stories | Sept 10th - Oct 27th

IE & Beyond exhibit | by: Derrick Yazzie

Opening Reception Sept 10th 2-5pm
Art Talk: Sep 16th & Oct 21st 6-8 PM


San Bernardino Valley College exhibit

Line, a fundamental element in art, serves as an essential structure for art making. Here the artist takes inspiration from many diverse sources.  Of course, Nature, but also Past Masters’ drawings as well as Chinese calligraphy and paintings.  Even music, technology and mindfulness spark artists to develop their individual expressions.

Each artist represented in this group uses stroke and structure to show different qualities of line. To paraphrase Paul Klee from his Pedagogical Sketchbook, he writes about the ‘active line’ on a walk, moving freely, without a goal. The artists in this group take lines on very different paths. They use various technical methods to achieve an appreciation of line.

San Bernardino Valley College exhibit

A Dialogue in the Woods


As we walk through life, we fill our days dialoguing  with others, to ourselves and allow the world at large to speak to us through various media. Seldom is a dialogue more unique and precious than the one we have with nature.

 Art is one of the many ways people communicate and express their feelings about wilderness. When we view art, we can consider the possible dialogues that took place between the artist and the subject. When we spend time in nature, and often with art, we gain a peaceful quietude that is seldom found elsewhere. As John Muir said,  “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” 

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