A Conversation in the Woods exhibit




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  Oct 21st- Line: five different stories  

Panel Discussion with:
Echo Lew, Chenhung Chen & Linda Sue Price


A Conversation in the Woods | Nov 12th - Dec 24th


Opening Reception Nov 12th 2-5pm


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Online Exhibits

Distinct Perspectives exhibit | by: Cassandra Caldwell
    When we leave the everyday world, we all are faced with the truth that once we enter the forest we are the forest. The woods are not only the trees and the animals that live there. They are a context, and everything in it, including us, are a part of the context. These artists have brought that sacred truth here and have connected us with the multiple ways we experience the woods. - John Brantingham
    Moon of Many Petals | Jan 7th - Feb 18th 2018
Epitapha: what dreams may come... exhibit

Opening reception: Jan 7th, 2-5 pm

San Bernardino Valley College exhibit
    Artists Sumi Foley, Penny McElroy, Snezana Saraswati Petrovic, and Cindy Rinne capture the essence of change, cycles, pilgrimage, and harmony with all creation in color, luminance, and texture. There’s a variety of scale resembling the waxing, full, waning, and new moon. Petals fall in strips of silk, layers of images over light, collage of cultures, people in nature, and stories of soothsayers.
San Bernardino Valley College exhibit


Shared Vision | Mar 4th - Apr 22nd


Curators: Bill Catling & Nery Lemus

Faces: Portraits from the Collection exhibit

Past Exhibits

  Art from California’s Inland Empire & Beyond
Stories from the Art
The Real Grapes of Wrath: Photographs from the Farm Security Administration
A Look Back at Berlin and the Eastern Sector
Presidential Images: America's Leaders
Epitaphs: What Dreams May Come
Distinct Perspectives: from Eastern Europe
Fragments: An Archeology of Memory
Faces: Portraits from the Collection
Line: Five Different Stories
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