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The Gallery exhibits are held at theat IEMA's temporary gallery at
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3rd Saturday of the month from 6-8 PM




July 20th Art Talk


On Creativity

Panel discussion with artists: Panel discussion with: Merika Adams Gopaul, Sylvia Megerdichian &Linda Adams Yeh

Moderator: Greg Zerovnik


Art & Architecture | Jul 21st - Aug 25th  


Closing Reception: Aug 25th  2-4pm


Gene Sasse | LA Framed

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Online Exhibits


  Distinct Perspectives exhibit by: Cassandra Caldwell  
Distinct Perspectives exhibit | by: Cassandra Caldwell
Wisdom of the Desert  |  Sep 8th - Oct 13th
  Line: Five Different Stories Exhibit  

Opening Reception: Sep 8th 2-5pm


This exhibition invites a group of artists working in various modes and media, to offer, in visual form, the wisdom the desert has worked in them.  While works that take up the desert as a physical/visual site/sight are welcome, so too are works that emanate from the inner desert wanderings that attend us all.  The “desert” is broadly defined here as physical, spiritual, psychological, mythic, and/or metaphoric space.     


Curated by: Jonathan Pols, Art professor Biola University

  Line: Five Different Stories  
|  Oct 27th -  Dec 1st
Portraits from the collection exhibit


Art of Ginger Lai | Jan 2020
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