Deena Capparelli | Endosquina

Visions of Elysium

    Curated by Jim Morphesis
Nov 11th – Dec 23rd 2018
Opening Reception Nov 11th 2-5pm

In Homer’s Odyssey, the poet describes a place known as the Elysian Fields, a perfect setting, always bathed in sunlight and where the west wind blows gently every day.  To this Greek paradise, righteous mortals selected by the gods, where conveyed at the time of death.  Here, in Elysium, those chosen would live a blessed and happy afterlife, pursuing pleasant endeavors through all eternity. 

While Elysium, to this day, continues to represent an idealized location for our ultimate retirement, admission is not guaranteed and many of us ponder the fate that awaits us after we, “shuffle off this mortal coil.”  For this exhibition, Visions of Elysium, participating artists considered the concept of an afterlife and have offered a variety of very personal and compelling images of what may lie ahead.

Joanne Julian | Ethereal Swim 2018 | Ink & Prismacolor on paper | 42x30in

Exhibiting Artist

      Fetemah Burnes
Mark Stephen Greenfield
Gilah Hirsch
Joanne Julian
Alex Kritselis
Robin Mitchell
Marina Moevs
Jonathan Puls 
Roxene Rockwell
Mark Dean Veca

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