Stories from the Art


Life is all about stories, some we tell with our words, others we share with our actions and many with our creations. Each story tells the world something about who we are as individuals. Art is a form of storytelling as well, and in this exhibit we will look into the lives and hearts of the artist to find what lies behind their work.

We have selected work that represents various mediums, styles and subject matter and will explore the inner workings of the artist; the reflections and motivations that cause them to create.

This virtual exhibit will be showcased online. We will feature the artists in random order, one individual each week until all are represented. The exhibit will build upon itself and it will be possible to view the expanding show as you follow us each week.

The artists that were interviewed opened up a part of themselves to share with others. Their stories are filled with honest vulnerability and insight. We hope you enjoy the exhibit and look forward to a time in the near future when we can all admire these, and other artist’s works in the building that will be the IEMA.

Watch your email box and Facebook pages for links to the show in the next few weeks, and we would appreciate it if you shared the links with your friends and family.

Thank you for your continued support, without you, the museum won't be successful, and thank you to the artists that graciously gave their time to share their stories with us.

We hope you enjoy Sories from the Art, and we welcome you to our first exhibit.

Curator: Gene Sasse
Writer: Laurie Morrison
© 2013 Inland Empire Museum of Art
All Art © by The Artist