Final Thoughts on Stories from the Art


Laurie Morrison: writer


I hope you have enjoyed getting to know more about the artists in our first exhibit "Stories from the Art." I have spent the last few months with art on my mind, in my home, in my speech, my thoughts, on a recorder and on my computer and I can say one thing for sure; I didn't spend nearly enough time with these talented people. What a privilege it has been. Each of these artists welcomed me into their homes and studios, introduced me to their husbands, wives, and creations. We talked leisurely about their creative process and wandered through their homes and studios, discussing everything from the esoteric to the practical; all in relation to their art.

Did I pique your interest in these accomplished individuals? Have you looked at their personal web sites and checked for shows, art walks and events in which they are involved? I hope you have; they are vital parts of the art community and each one a treasure in their own right.

I want to thank the artists again for letting me step into their lives, and thank you for traveling with me on this journey. I would also like to encourage you to make art a priority for you and your family in all its form and content; art not only enhances our day to day lives, but it can change us for the better it we embrace the beauty and complexity of the creative act.



 “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence transform a yellow spot into sun.”Pablo Picasso


Gene Sasse: curator


Ron Blanchard
Nancy Carenen
William Catling
Marina Diaz
Dani Dodge
Gina Lawson-Egan
Bruce Hall
Tommy Hollenstien
BJ Lane
Veronica Lucas
Keith Klingonsmith
Sylvia Megerdichian
Joanna Mersereau
Pete Morris
Eileen Seener
Duke Windsor


It was my goal with this exhibit, "Stories from the Art", to explore the intersection between art and life; to give the viewer a glimpse of the person behind the art, and how that person shapes their work. I have selected 16 artists with various media and subject matter to give you a different prospective on each artist and their creations. I have always found the reasons that artists do what they do, what their motivations are, and how they accomplish their art interesting, and I hope you found it interesting as well. 

I would like to thank the artists for opening up their studios for Laurie and me to explore their work environment so that we were able to bring you this exhibit, and I hope you have enjoyed Laurie's  view of the artists as much as I have.

As an artist myself, I feel that when you begin to listen to your creative voice and give it the nurturing attention it deserves, you feel more alive and empowered by the discovery and appreciation of your own sense of uniqueness. You find in the act of making art, a renewed meaning and purpose in life. Listen to your inner voice by providing a space for it to thrive and exist within you. To censor your creative voice is suppressing the need to be truly alive.

I hope you have enjoyed "Stories from the Art" exhibit and perhaps you have a different prospective on art and its maker. If you have not explored the intersection between art and life in your own life, I hope you may do so.

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