Line: Five Different Stories

Chenhung Chen, Curator | Sept 10th - Oct 27th
Opening Reception Sept 10th 2-5pm
Art Talk: Sep 16th & Oct 21st 6-8 PM

Line, a fundamental element in art, serves as an essential structure for art making. Here the artist takes inspiration from many diverse sources.  Of course, Nature, but also Past Masters’ drawings as well as Chinese calligraphy and paintings.  Even music, technology and mindfulness spark artists to develop their individual expressions.

Each artist represented in this group uses stroke and structure to show different qualities of line. To paraphrase Paul Klee from his Pedagogical Sketchbook, he writes about the ‘active line’ on a walk, moving freely, without a goal. The artists in this group take lines on very different paths. They use various technical methods to achieve an appreciation of line.

Chenhung Chen repurposes electrical wire, components and found objects to exemplify man’s unstoppable nature; the driving force that is bringing about this informational age.

Gina Herrera uses discarded and natural objects to build 3D forms expressing concern about awareness of the environment and inspiration by Nature.

Echo Lew directs light in motion to create drawing via photography, which is influenced by Zen Buddhist meditation and Western classical music.

Linda Sue Price creates tangible lines of light (neon) to express the fluidity of change because in life the only thing that is certain is change.

Ann Marie Rousseau inspired by Paul Klee’s writing, draws and paints line. Rousseau sees each line as a metaphor for the way life happens: one point leading to another, ever changing.

Using diverse media and lines, each of these artists create a vision of an active line out on a walk allowing the viewer to see line from different perspectives.

Chenhung Chen | Entelechy #23 | 65x36x24 in
Gina Herrera | Nurturing the Uncharted 2017 | 78x44x31 in
Echo Lew | Symphony #7 | 24x30 in
Ann Marie Rousseau | Acquimarine | 36x60 in
© 2017 Inland Empire Museum of Art
All Art © by The Artist
Linda Sue Price | One Side of the Story | 25.5x18.5x9 in