Faces: Portraits from the Collection

    July 29th - August 27th 2017

IEMA is pleased to present a selection of portraits of 43 artists from our collection. The artists include artists such as: Milford Zornes, Edward Weston, Phil Paradise, Bruce Hall, Dody Weston Thompson, Samantha Wendell and Sylvia Megerdichain.

We see so many people in a day.  Faces in public, at home, at work, in our social life.  Why would a person attend an exhibit entitled Faces: Portraits from the Collection? More importantly, why would a person even create portraits? The big answer to both questions is that we are human.

As humans, we are compelled to create, explore, and interpret.  Our expression is only limited by our imagination, materials, and technology.  And people are the likely subjects of our creative attention. The portraits in Faces: Portraits from the  Collection are wonderful examples of the many ways humans have interpreted humans.

Humans are inherently inquisitive. So, when viewing a portrait, we wonder.  A  portrait transforms the ordinary person into the extraordinary.  And, the extraordinary becomes comprehensible. Here is a fellow human being with an expression, a gesture, or a mood that we can understand. What is the story?  A portrait is a reassuring pause.

India Portrait 1944 | 20x15 ink on paper | 25.13.08
    Exhibit Artist    
    Kye Abshier
Sioux Bally-Maloof
Eduard Bargheer
Mandi Batalo
Barbara Beretich
Kevin Davidson
Marina Diaz
Linda Garcia-Dahle
Victor M. Durazo
Mark Alan Frederickson
Greg Gilbert
Carl Gutierrez
Bruce Hall
Helen Hayes
Dan Joyce
Jacki Knell
Veronica Kortz
Gina Lawson-Egan
Kami Leonard
Mary Ellen Mark
Tina Modotti
Samantha Wendell
Kara Pilcher
Dody Weston Thompson
Jin Nan
Paul Martinez
Sylvia Megerdichian
Joanna Mersereau
Pete Morris
Peter Mountford
James Patrick
Maris Sherwood
Terri Sokoloff
Carrie Todd
Edward Weston
Milford Zornes
Sylvia Megerdichian |Red Turban 2016 |Mixed Media | 671.17.07
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