Distinct Perspectives:
from Eastern Europe

    iLia Fresco (Anossov)
    iLia Anossov was born in Moscow in 1966, attended official art schools and explored various media including cinematography, architecture and visual arts. However his true education came through classic-style apprenticeships to master artists, between 1983 and 1996, he served three 4-year long apprenticeships in Russia and United States.


iLia Anossov has established a “Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program” as a systematic tutorial on the technique.
Cadmium Red 2009 | 36x36 Buon Fresco on Magnesum Plaster Board | 218.15.03

   Vartan Ohanian
    Vartan Ohanian arrived in America from Armenia in 1980, and uniquely combines smithery with art, and considers his "real work" to be blacksmithing. After graduating from Terlemezian Art School in Armenia, he continued postgraduate studies for two years at the Fine Arts and Theatre Institute of Yerevan. He broadened his training by studying metallurgy craftsmanship at the Estonian State Institute of Fine Arts. He fashioned a monumental memorial to the Armenian struggle to liberation as the central ornament to a square in Yerevan, designed the doors and lighting fixtures for the Club of Journalists and sculpted a 75 foot chandelier that spans from the first to the top floor of the Lenstromyprom-proekt, an architectural building in St. Petersburg. "If you do a big monumental work and then you do small things," Ohanian said, ". . . it is never the same." 
Hear the Music 2014 | oil on canvas | 343.16.05
  Snezana  Saraswati  Petrovic
    Snezana Saraswati Petrovic moved to the United Stated in 1991 at the verge of the Yugoslavian civil war; she has been in search of “home” while exploring the idea of one’s habitat and one’s place within it ever since.

Installation artist, video and performance artist, academic and award-winning set and costume designer, Snezana is fascinated with everyday objects and their ability for transformation. Her art seeks to open a dialogue between the past and present moment, in a poetic language of visual interplay between seemingly opposites, she is an environment maker – considering herself a home builder for false and authentic inhabitants. Petrovic is intrigued with the human condition and its relationship to spaces and objects. 
Roots | 20x20 Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf
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