Discovering Receptive Abstract Patternism

  by: Rod Jones
    January 6th - February 10th 2019
Opening Reception Jan 6th 2-5pm

Categories, Categories, Categories.

We deal with them every day, a quotidian practice that helps our chaotic world get just a little bit more organized. Well when it comes to the art world, with its splendid diversity, categorization becomes even more essential. Even the most clueless person should be able to tell you that if the art world were split down the middle, you’d have two main categories - Realistic and Abstract. And if we put these two extremes on a scale, we would find Receptive Abstract Patternism on the far end of the side of Abstraction. Never heard of that before? No worries, today you’ll be opened up to a new world of art, possibly the genre that is remodeling or sharpening the concept of what Abstraction means in art.

Indeed, art is an intimate affair. And what better way to connect two human spirits than through allowing the viewer to be privy to the artists’ most personal thoughts and emotions than through Abstract art. Fret not, there are no pitch black dungeons with flaming dragons, for Rod Jones is clothed in kindness and keeps his art fleshed of an almost child-like purity. Unlike the hell-like scapes depicted by artists driven by their mental illnesses or depression, Rod Jones’ abstract works, though non-objective, remain fairly rooted in sanity and verity. The transparency of his art only reveals the randomness of his encounters in life, moments of personal growth when Jones find himself slipping into self-reflection. As painting after painting rolls out in front of viewers, there lies a performance of progression; the emotional dance Jones has with his philosophical thoughts.

Cold on the outside but warm in its embrace, Receptive Abstract Patternism with its inseparable hat-tipping soul guarantees that never again will we see abstract art in an unreachable kind of way.

By Ng J-Cyn
Imaginary Bliss
The Shard
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