Curator: Gene Sasse

Art: Theater fot the Mind

Jun 2nd -  Jul 7th 2019
Opening Reception Jun 2nd  2-5pm

The mind is a kind of theater, where several perceptions successively make their appearance; they pass-through our minds, then pass again, glide away, then mingle in an infinite variety of postures, situations, forms and structures.

Art as is life is a journey of discovery. It’s a lesson in expression that talks to the viewer on an individual level, painting memories of life, drama, and inspiration set in a space that is theater for the mind.

Kenneth Payne
    Exhibiting Artist
Bill Attaway
Blanche Banuelos
Ron Blanchard
William Catling
Victor Ciobanu
Dani Dodge
Jim Morphesis
Estela Ogazon
  Susan Ossman
Kenneth Payne
Kelli Van Norman
Al Setton
Jamie Sweetman
Maureen Wheeler
Andrea Willow
Jim Morphesis
Dani Dodge |  Paper Airplanes
Al Setton
Dani Dodge
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